Our clients rely on us, trusting us to help secure their dream home or advice when it's time to move on, as well as help in your home.

That's why we have chosen a selection of testimonials for you to read below...

Moving back to the UK with my wife and small children was never going to be easy, so I started planning 18 months ahead!  With a long tick list, getting the right house was going to be a challenge.  Wendy helped me negotiate a mine field of problems and every small query was dealt with quickly.  My wife and I were escorted around different schools with pre-made appointments and an honest answer was always given to which schools might best suit our children's needs. I am sure we will continue to ask for help going forward.




Happy Family

When we moved overseas I tried to handle the upkeep of the house myself.  However, once I starting getting Wendy to help me, this took off the stress of not being around to oversee the maintenance of my house in Wimbledon. Wendy gets things done, with her extensive knowledge of the area and local tradesmen and services. She is reliable and friendly, giving me peace of mind while I am away from my family home.

JM - Home Owner